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Full Circle Education Pvt Ltd publishes books that are based on the latest syllabus of the various education boards which follow the National Curriculum Framework. The content and structure of the books are carefully graded in form and expression, in accordance with the language, the students speak and understand. Our series like Super 20 Sample Papers, Examguru Question Bank & Chapterwise 10 Years’ Solved Papers provide the best educational products to all teachers to comprehensively spread knowledge and to guide better all the young and curious minds.

We publish the books for classes KG-12 as per the NCERT/CBSE/ICSE/ISC and various other State Boards curriculum such as Goa, Assam, Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu. Our attempt is to provide students with complete tutorial support as well as comprehensive practice material based on the updated exam-specifications and marking schemes of the various boards. Our books prepare the students to master how to answer confidently the different types of questions given in their course books. As the unique feature of our books like NCERT Guide Books, NCERT Solutions, CBSE Support Books, CBSE Question Bank, CBSE Sample Papers & 10 Years' Solved Papers are designed to support the students of all ability levels, minimizing the gap between high and average achievers. The strength of Full Circle books obviously lies in the process that we put in place while creating them.

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