Super 20 Sample Paper English Communicative Class 10

About Super 20 Sample Paper English Communicative Class 10

Super 20 English Communicative Sample Paper for class 10 are designed in accordance with the pattern specified by the CBSE for the Examination. This book consists of 20 Solved Different types of questions. These papers give you an idea about how your real Board Examination Question Paper will look in terms of difficulty level, marks distribution, sections, number & type of questions, time and duration.

Why to Practice Super 20 English Communicative Sample Paper?

Super 20 English Communicative Sample Papers help you to get into the real exam-type feeling. As this question paper is exactly similar to the CBSE sample papers, you will find it very useful to analyze how much time you need to answer each question, what should be your writing strategy and how to finish it in given time. The more you practice, the more efficiency level you achieve. It matters a lot. Most of the time, you know the answers but you miss it only because of bad time management.

Students are advised to solve all these Sample Papers and refer their answers to the Marking Scheme to assess their level of preparation for CBSE Board Examination.  All these questions are very important for forthcoming CBSE Board Examination.

Some Questions from Super 20 Sample English Communicative Class 10

  1. Subhash Baijal is the Secretary of Surya Apartments, L.B. Shastri Marg, Nagpur. The complex subscribes to ‘Perfect Cable Services’ M.G. Road, Nagpur. The proprietorMr. Puneet has increased the monthly subscription but nothing has been done by him to improve the quality of transmission. The sound is low and unclear, the colours blurred and channels provided are limited as compared to other service providers. He writes a letter complaining about the same. (8)


    You are Ritika Jain / Ritesh Jain of Panchsheel Nagar. This year, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi the residents of your society have decided to celebrate the festival using environment friendly colors, material for decoration etc. But the workers of the event management company hired by your society failed to comply to the given instructions. Write a complaint letter to the Manager of Aura Event management, 97, Ranjeet Vihar, Delhi to show your disappointment towards their workers. (Refer to unit–Environment).

  2. Write a story in 200–250 words on the basis of the given outline. (10)
    When the quake struck at midday, the people rushed out from their ………………..


    It was 5 pm when the storm broke over the city. Immediately, we were left with no power and the television blanked out. I would miss the crucial match ………………..

  3. Fill in the blanks choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below. (8×½=4)
    The city of Singapore (a) ____________ its fiftieth anniversary with gay and splendour. Fighter jets (b) ____________ across the sky and people were given (c) ____________ ride on buses and trains. The celebrations. (d) ____________ with a show of fireworks after a military parade. The sense of (e) ____________ was reinforced with a tribute video to its (f) ____________ Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. The (g) ____________ left the citizens feeling (h) ____________ and was an example to the world.

  4. Read the following extracts and answer the questions: (4×1=4)
    He smiled uncomfortably. “Just plans, Sir,” he answered in a low voice.
    (a) Who is talking to whom?
    (b) What plans is the speaker referring to?
    (c) Why did the speaker answer in a low voice?
    (d) What favour did Jacopo ask from the narrator?


    Now the frog puffed up with rage
    Brainless bird-you’re on the stage—
    Use your wits and follow fashion
    Puff your lungs out with your passion
    (a) Why was the frog puffed up with rage?
    (b) What personality trait of the frog is revealed in this extract?
    (c) Who do you hold guilty for the nightingale’s death?
    (d) Why is the nightingale called ‘brainless’?

  5. Answer the following questions in 30–40 words. (Any four) (4×2=8)
    (a) How did the boys, Nicola and Jacopo, help the narrator?
    (b) What steps had the villagers taken to make sure that Mrs. Packletide’s tiger hunting        expedition was safe?
    (c) The frog was benefiting himself, by urging the nightingale to sing excessively. Justify.
    (d) Why did the people working at the post-office make fun of Ali?
    (e) Why has Sylvia Plath referred to the candles and the moon as liars?

  6. Answer any one of the following questions in 200–250 words: (10)
    How was Helen’s most petted doll a victim of her outbursts of temper and affection?


    Helen’s parents are a role model for other parents. Elucidate.


    Mrs. Van Dann and Mr. Dussel find fault with Anne’s upbringing. Give reasons.


    Describe the burglary in the Annexe.