Super 20 Sample Paper Physical Education Class 12

About Super 20 Sample Paper Physical Education Class 12

Super 20 Physical Education Sample Paper for class 12 is designed in accordance with the pattern specified by the CBSE for the Examination. This book consists of 20 Solved Different types of questions. These papers give you an idea about how your real Board Examination Question Paper will look in terms of difficulty level, marks distribution, sections, number & type of questions, time and duration.

Why to Practice Super 20 Physical Education Sample Paper?

Super 20 Physics Sample Papers help you to get into the real exam-type feeling. As this question paper is exactly similar to the CBSE sample papers, you will find it very useful to analyze how much time you need to answer each question, what should be your writing strategy and how to finish it in given time. The more you practice, the more efficiency level you achieve. It matters a lot. Most of the time, you know the answers but you miss it only because of bad time management.

Students are advised to solve all these Sample Papers and refer their answers to the Marking Scheme to assess their level of preparation for CBSE Board Examination. All these questions are very important for forthcoming CBSE Board Examination.

Some Questions from Super 20 Sample Paper Physical Education Class 12

  1. What is consolation tournament? (1)

  2. Describe health weight/BMI. (1)

  3. Define asana. (1)

  4. What are Menses? (2)

  5. What do you mean by Ideology? (1)

  6. Describe the preventive measures of scoliosis. (3)

  7. Define back pain & write its causes. (3)

  8. List the measures for controlling weight. Discuss them also in detail. (5)

  9. What is Diabetes? Name and explain the asanas is useful in controlling Diabetes. (5)