Super 20 Sample Papers for CBSE Board Exam Preparation

Everyone wants to give his/her best in the exam. To give the best, you must follow the quote ‘Do your best and leave the rest’. You have ‘only one chance’ or can say that you have ‘only 3 hours’ to show your excellency in the exam, ‘Time and Tide wait for none’ time once lost can never be regained. So, don’t leave opportunity to chance. Old saying ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect’ seems quite appropriate in this scenario. It means, ‘The More you practice, the More you become perfect’.

So, realizing the importance of the practice, Full Circle Education introduces a booster dose of best ever cbse sample papers for class 9, 10 & 12th, Mock test papers or Mock exam papers or Practice papers titled as Super 20’ for class 9, 10,12th. As the name itself revealing there are twenty (20) sets of enriched and re-defined sample question papers 2017-18, which provide you an ample practice opportunity to interact with the complete course at a glance for forthcoming CBSE board exams.

You can test/check your accuracy and speed by solving model question papers in a desired time limit. It is a courseware available in all subjects, which escalate your consistency to resolve the queries; you would have faced during your exam. It sharpens your grasping power and strategy, which help you perform best in your board exams. Super 20 practice papers also help you choose the right question from internal choices, which are an important part of the exam paper.

Super 20 sample papers is a bunch of 20 sets × 25 (approx.) = 500 quality questions; it means you have 500 outlook and aspects to solve the problems which equipped you with better resources for the board exam, to be re-introduced from the 2017 onwards.
When you compare ‘Super 20’ sample question papers 2017-18 to other mock test papers available in the market, you automatically feel a considerable difference in the quality and quantity as well.

Good performance in class 10 laid the foundation of your choice of stream as Physics, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce & Humanities, which is a life-changing decision of your life and your class 12 results decide the direction of your professional life. Many renowned universities provide weightage (preference) on the basis of class 12 marks in their admission criterion. So, to become ‘supreme’ in career path, practice Super 20 practice papers for class 9, 10 & 12th with dignity.

Super 20 CBSE Sample Papers are a ‘unique’ combo of all the subjects for standard 9, 10 & 12th. Super 20 mock test papers tests your supremacy in all the main fields whether it is regarding to speed, accuracy, remembering or conceptual skilled. Language of the content is chosen in a manner that enables you to become more rational and logical.

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