Exam Guru Question Bank

Full Circle presents Examguru all in one CBSE Question Bank for classes 6-9 & 10-12 based on the new curriculum guideline issued by CBSE. The book is highly advantageous for students, who put in their best efforts to score high marks in their board exams.
This comprehensive practice material fulfills the several needs of students as they are helped  to focus on the style of questioning by CBSE Board. Students not only get a clear cut idea in this regard but they become precise in their preparation also. Moreover Examguru all in one cbse question bank for class 10 & all in one cbse question bank for class 12 will provide them ample textual and additional material to deepen their preparation.
The success mantra is expressed by means of learning, revision and evaluation accompanied with sample questions and practice exercises.  With this view each chapter is provided with sufficient number of examples and exercises which cover a wide variety of questions and their answers. As model answers CBSE questions are provided with hint answers with aim to increase the utility of the book for students.
In addition the book is supplemented with a large number of additional questions of which the relevant answers are developed by expert teachers teaching in some famous schools in them they have poured their best experts to make the book a dependable source for students. The entire book is written as per the language and understanding of students obviously. So that they may brilliantly use the matter presented in the book they will definitely enjoy the presentation and precision of study material.

Salient Features:-

  • Each chapter is designed in a ‘Topicwise’ manner where every topic is briefly explained followed by Exercise to that topic.
  • Topics presented in easy-to-understand points that help in memorising and retention.
  • Answers are written in lucid language and according to the student’s level of understanding.
  • Every Exercise covers all possible varieties of questions with answers in the form of Very Short Answer Type Questions, Short Answer Type Questions, Long Answer Type Questions, Value Based Questions, Map Based Questions, etc.
  • All-important NCERT Textbook questions are covered with answers.
  • Previous Years’ Examination Questions are also included with answers.
  • Previous Years’ Board Questions and latest CBSE Board Questions are also included with answers.
  • 10 Unsolved Practice Papers for mock test are given with hints & answers for self-assessment.
  • Answers have been given as per CBSE Marking Scheme where needed.
  • Flow Chart and Revision Chart have been given for student’s benefit.
  • Assignment is given at the end of each chapter. 10- 10 Sample Papers are given for student’s practice.
  • Latest CBSE Board Question Paper has been given with hints & answers.
  • Common mistakes by the students are provided to make students aware what errors are usually done unknowingly.