Exam Guru Question Bank

Full Marks offers Exam guru Question Banks for class 6 to 12, based on the new curriculum guidelines issued by CBSE. This CBSE Sample Papers will prove to be highly advantageous for students who are willing to put in all their efforts to achieve good marks.
This comprehensive & All in One practice material has been developed keeping in view with the needs of students who want to get an idea of the questioning pattern of CBSE board. They will find it considerably easier to practice, learn, revise and evaluate everything that they have studied.

Features of the Question Bank

  • Each chapter of the CBSE question paper has been created with sufficient number of examples and exercises. This exercise covers a wide range of questions. The All in One Practice material with NCERT Solutions is panacea for students who study in CBSE affiliated schools.
  • In the cbse question bank the answers with hints have also been offered separately beside the exercise.
  • The present cbse question papers contained in Exam guru question bank are according to the latest syllabus and cover a wide range of subjects such as cbse question paper for class 12th English, cbse question paper for Social Science, cbse question paper for class 9th Science, cbse question paper for class 10th Science, cbse question paper for class 12th Maths and cbse question paper for Hindi. Therefore, students can use these question banks to prepare for exams in a better manner and score highly.
  • Significance of frequently asked types of question provides students with an idea on the type which they should focus on. In the cbse question bank all questions covered are based on topics mentioned in the CBSE syllabus.
  • The all in one practice material available as chapter assignment at the end of each chapter.
  • 10 unsolved cbse question papers for mock tests are offered along with hints and answers to help students to assess their proficiency.
  • Common errors are provided to make students aware of the errors which are aimed they might commit knowingly or unknowingly.
  • The cbse board question bank prepared with precision are hoped to boost the confidence of students.