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English Textbook for Class 8 8th
FULL MARKS English Honeydew Literature & Reader Class 8 has been thoroughly revised as per the latest NCERT textbooks and CBSE guidelines. The book has been divided into four sections.
Section A: Reading—This section comprises comprehension passages including poems with questions and answers and aims to enable the students to comprehend and describe any events effectively. The meanings of the difficult words have been given in English as well as in Hindi.
Section B: Writing—This section describes the art of writing notices, messages, bio-sketch, process writing, letter writing, e-mails, speech, diary entry, story writing, dialogues, with a number of solved and unsolved examples.
Section C: Grammar—This section contains Detailed Resource Material for grammar with a number of exercises and their solutions.
Section D: Literature—This section contains the NCERT Literature and Supplementary Reader. The summary of each lesson/poem of the textbook and the meanings of difficult words of the important passages have been given in both English and Hindi. All NCERT textual questions and varieties of additional questions have been given with their answers for the sound practice of students.