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New History of Indian Art Class 12 12th

History of Indian Art contains CBSE proposed latest subject-matter of Fine Arts for the students of 12th standard who have opted Fine Arts as one of their subjects, and that it will prove to be very useful to the learners and teaching professionals of this subject. The aim of introducing the course of Fine Arts class curriculum as an elective subject is to develop student’ mental faculties of observation, imagination, creation through the understanding of various important well known aspects and modes of visual art expressions in India’s rich cultural heritage from the period of Indus valley to the present time.
The objective of including the History of Indian Art (Fine Arts) for the students is to familiarize them with the various styles and modes of art expressions in different parts of India. This would enrich their vision and enable them to appreciate and develop an aesthetic sensibility to enjoy the beauty of nature and life.
The students will get updated with the following paintings which have been newly added in the syllabus: Vulture - KamleshDutt, Arjun Detach from War - SaradaCharanUkil, Tiller of the Soil - Nandlal Bose, Vanshri - Mrinalini Mukherjee, Words and Symbols - K.C.S. Paniker.
Introduce Practical Exercises in this Book is to Help and Enable the Students:

  • To develop skill of using drawing and painting material (surface, tools and equipment, etc.) effectively.
  • To sharpen their observation skills through study of common objects and various geometrical and non-geometrical forms found in life and nature.
  • To develop their skills to draw and paint these observations.
  • To develop an understanding of painting-composition (The use of the elements and the principles of painting -composition).
  • To create the forms and the colour schemes in imagination with an ability to express them effectively in drawing and painting.
  • To express the different feelings and moods of life and nature in lines, forms and colours.