Assignment in English Plus Language & Literature-9-Set


Class : 9


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ISBN :  978-93-8195-700-4
Board :  CBSE
Class :  9
Author : Team of Experience Authors
No. of Pages :  676
Binding :  PB
Size :  23X36
Imprint :  FMPL
Assignments in English Plus Language & Literature – 9 has been thoroughly revised as per the latest CBSE Syllabus. The book has been prepared as per the CBSE weightage to meet the requirements of the students preparing for Examination. The book has been divided in two volumes — Vol-1: Reading and Writing Section.
As per the latest syllabus, Reading Section contains two reading passages — Factual and Discursive. The questions of this section are to test student’s inference, evaluation and analytical skills. Both kinds of passages are given in this book and the current topics are the subject matter of these passages concerned with various aspects of life. They are included to enhance the comprehending power of students and help them develop a global approach to the subject. In Writing Section, the students are asked to write either a diary or an article and a short story to test their writing skills. The questions are prepared in a manner as to help the students how they should tackle the questions of this section and perform better. In Grammar Section, the integrated tests give a wide coverage to the different items.
The questions given in integrated exercises and assignments will provide ample practice to the students and prepare them suitably for the examination. Undoubtedly, resource material and various types of questions given in the book are intended to develop a close affinity with the spirit of subject matter and language for the students.