Exam Guru-Science-9


Class: 9


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ISBN : 9789351551959
Board : CBSE
Class : 9
Author : Mr Shivanshu
No. of Pages :  388
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Imprint : FMPL
Examguru Science-9 is based on the latest curriculum guidelines specified by the CBSE. It will certainly prove to be a torch-bearer for those who toil hard to achieve their goal.

  • Each chapter is designed in a ‘Topicwise’ manner where every topic is briefly explained with sufficient Examples and Exercises.
  • Every Exercise covers all possible varieties of Questions. Answers and sufficient hints are provided separately at the end of exercise.
  • Chapterwise ‘Practical Based Questions’ based on CBSE experiments corresponding to the particular chapter are also provided in the book.
  • Chapterwise important chemical reactions, formulae & Revision Chart have been prepared for quick revision.
  • Common mistakes often made by the students are provided to make them aware what errors are usually committed by them unknowingly. Assignment is given at the end of each chapter.
  • 3 solved and 7 unsolved Sample Papers with Hints & Answers for mock test are given with adequate hints & answers for self-assessment. The book has been well prepared to build confidence among students.