Exam Guru-Mathematics-10


Class: 10


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ISBN : 9788193401170
Board : CBSE
Class : 10
Author : Dr Sangeeta Arora
No. of Pages : 448
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Imprint : FMPL
Examguru Mathematics-10 is based on the latest curriculum guidelines specified by the CBSE.It will certainly prove to be a torch-bearer for those who toil hard to achieve their goal. This All-in-one CBSE Question Bank has been developed keeping in mind all the requirement of the students for Board Examinations preparations like learning, practicing, revising and assessing.

  • Each chapter is designed in ‘Topic wise’ manner where each topic is briefly explained with sufficient Examples and Exercise.
  • Every exercise covers all possible varieties of questions. Answers and sufficient hints are provided separately at the end of exercise.
  • Previous Years’ Board Questions / NCERT questions have been included in each chapter.
  • Common Errors by the students are provided to make students aware what errors are usually committed by them unknowingly.
  • Chapterwise Important Formulae and Revision Chart have been prepared for Quick Revision.
  • Importance of Each Topic and Frequently Asked Types of Questions Reference provides an idea to the students on which type they should focus more. Assignment is provided at the end of each chapter.
  • Pre-Mid, Mid and Post-Mid Term Test Papers (with hints & answers) are provided.
  • 10 Unsolved Sample Papers for mock test are given with hints &answers for self-assessment.
  • At the end Model Answers by Topper Candidate given to make learners familiar with the way of attempting Question Paper.
  • Latest CBSE Board Question Paper has been also given with Hints & Answers.