Manjeet Singh-Mathematics-8


Class: 8


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ISBN : 9789386711519
Board : CBSE
Class : 8
Author : Mr Manjeet Singh
No. of Pages : 544
Binding : PB
Size : 23×36
Imprint : FMPL
Manjeet Singh is the best ever book in the field of Mathematics, class 8. Each topic with familiar material, explain new concepts in terms of ideas already well understood, offer worked out examples that show in detail how problems are to be solved of all types.Large number of questions of varying difficulty level is solved in this book. Detailed solutions of questions from NCERT book, from Exemplar problems and CBSE question papers set over the years etc. have been solved.
Objective type questions, Very short answer type questions, Short answer type questions, Long answer type questions both understanding based and application based are solved. HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skill) questions, Value based questions (Questions based on life skills and values like awareness of the need for national integration, protection of environment, removal of social barriers, elimination of gender biases etc.) are included in this book.
Each chapter contains all types of questions which are to be carried out at the end of course of study designed to determine the extent to which instructional objectives have been achieved. Varied and carefully graded exercises containing good questions to test student’s deep understanding of mathematical skills are given at the end of each chapter.
Review section given at the end of book which contains summary of each chapter that identifies the terms, formulas, rules and procedures that were introduced in the chapter. Also in review section, practice exercises containing all types of questions are given which can benefit the students to well prepare and build self-confidence for final examination.