TN-Physics Class-11-(Vol. I)


Class: 11

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ISBN : 9789386711724
Board : Tamilnadu Board
Class : 11
Author : Ms. Sheela Kannan
No. of Pages : 376
Binding : PB
Size : 20×30
Imprint : FMPL
The Physics – XI support book has been written according to the latest syllabus and textbook issued by the Tamil Nadu State Board.The book is replete with success strategies and tips for development of scientific attitude and application skills for students. This support book provides complete tutorial support to students to cover the course contents easily, develop confidence and answer the various types of questions generally asked by the Board.
Salient Features of the book:

  • The Topics Covered have been mentioned at the beginning of every unit.
  • Each unit contains the Chapter Map, which gives an idea about the contents and helps the reader focus on the important topics.
  • Complete summary of the chapter is provided in the Important Points to remember presents complete summary of the chapter.
  • All the Textual Questions have been solved and a large number of Additional Questions have been provided wherever required.
  • Important Formulae have been given separately for a clear understanding.
  • For Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), the answers have been provided in the format* prescribed by the Board. Solutions or Hints have also been provided wherever applicable.
  • The in-text Evaluate Yourself section has been included to help the students assess their own conceptual understanding. All activities have been solved.
  • A separate section on the Common Errors and their Rectifications highlights the areas where students generally get confused and make mistakes while understanding the concepts or exercises.
  • The book is a up-to-date, dependable and learner-friendly resource.